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  • Maff
    Finding the right form of meditation for YOU!
    Started by Maff Thursday, 02 June 2011 2 Replies

    Glad to hear you are finding meditation of help Sara and sticking with the mindfullness practice. As I mentioned, I find it very difficult and prefer chanting a mantra or moving meditation. It's interesting that you mention dancing as a form of meditation. People often assume meditation is strictly sitting still in silence but one can "meditate" in many, many ways. Anything that "stils" the mind can be clased as meditative. I find walks in the countryside are an amazingly powerful way for me to clear my mind of stressful thoughts, think clearly and feel more like myself. Of course may reading this won't be capable of country walks or dancing but tai chi and qi gong are less strenuous alterntive forms of "meditation in motion"