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  • Tracy Mac
    Stimulating Phase 1 Liver Detox
    Started by Tracy Mac Friday, 10 August 2012 4 Replies

    I can empathise with that Tracy, knowing more than our doctors is a problem those like ourselves frequently find ourselves having to deal with! As you have found with your naturopath however, it is always good to have someone who can atg least be a sounding board and offer objective opinion on treatments we might be trying or thinking of trying. This is of course particularly important when it comes to safety and nutrient and herb interactions. Speaking as someone with a lot of experience of being ill who has also trained as a nutritional therapist I would say periodically stripping back to the bare minimum supplements is very sensible. It allows the body to find its own equilibrium and us to assess our current baseline health. Sorry, didn't connect the pyroluria and phosphatidylcholine - it just came to me as what seemed like a good alternative to silymarin. Unfortunately these contraindications are all too common for us also. I badly need methyl donors - particularly 5-MTHF (methylated folate) - according to SNP and other test results but my gut has other ideas, becoming irritated and inflammed when I take any. I think if I was seeing a definite benefit from something I was doing I would stick with that and not attempt to integrate other things that may act against it i.e. I would stick to the pyroluria protocol and leave the phosphatidylcholine, particularly as it hasn't helped you in the past. The pyroluria protocol and stimulating both detox pathways would be the way I would go (with nutrients and herbs with actions I was confident of obviously).