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  • carolynmay2013


    Hi Matthew / Maff,

    I have just joined this forum and read your post on your nightmare with Candida. I think I am in exactly the same position as you were at least (I hope things are better since then as that article was a few years ago?) Born by caesarian, not breast fed at all, multiple antibiotics as a baby for ear infections, almost certainly riddled with mercury from birth from my mother'

  • clare


    I am really struggling I have dysbiosis which has caused severe IBS. My bowel just does not function. I have had to cut all refined carbs out of my diet and am following the SCD diet at the mo just so my body can digest. I have leaky gut and leaky brain and am finding it hard to take probiotics as they cross the brain gut barrier and cause severe brain fog symptoms. My cdsa stool analysis came up

  • Maff


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  • Redozipous


    Yes, Tracy. I see many similarities. I always thought my discomfort with being around people etc., was because of my brainfog. But when much of that cleared, I still had that discomfort, and there are many similarities between these symptoms and autism.