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TOPIC: Need help, been suffering for two years.

Re: Need help, been suffering for two years. 7 years 2 weeks ago #7

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Im also in very same situation but for longer im also 25 had huge issues already 15 years and I think I killed myself 3 years ago also through alcohol. My gut is just fermenting and it's fu**d up situation because no one will help you, they would love to take you to psychiatric hosp, I would love to do what happen in Norwey to doctors - shoot them all off from machine gun on some big meeting, seriously, it would attract some attention. It appears this issues are always through some dysbiosis you may want to loook for SIBO but test for both hydrogen and methane gases in breath test. The CDSA test or probably better metametrix can be helpful, I attach my one here in case someone help shed some light

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Re: Need help, been suffering for two years. 7 years 2 weeks ago #8

  • Aykerica
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Sounds like leaky gut, probably heavy metals and parasites, too.
I had an overdose of antibiotics (after too many vaccines) and I ended up with a ton of sensitivities... And already had parasites and metals. It really messes up the body. :(
I'm sorry that you have been so ill. Please keep trying! I have healed from Chronic Fatigue and I have nearly healed from lymphedema. There is hope, and I am pulling for you!
Great Plains Lab has the Organic Acid Test which would cover a lot. Check their website. www.greatplainslaboratory.com/home/eng/full_oat.asp. The website has info on how to get tests covered by insurance, too, and free webinars. You can call and ask questions if you want to talk to a live person.
You may want to check out the yahoo group for Trying Low Oxalates
For now while you have trouble digesting foods, you may want to try Nutriiveda, the original formula. Check the website and you will see what I mean... Many testimonies from people with severe illnesses who ARE able to digest it. It is currently being studied because it has helped to cure kids with apraxia, and has even eliminated seizures in some people. Basically it will gently detox while it nourishes from what I understand. I have used it. Pricey, but good nutrition AND it would gently help your body detox. pursuitofresearch.org/products/nutriived...iiveda-testimonials/
Find a local osteopath to help your body get back into balance and start healing. That should also be covered by insurance.
I have much more to share, but I will post later or you can contact me on this site. :) Keri
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Re: Need help, been suffering for two years. 4 weeks 1 hour ago #9

Please co consult with a specialized doctor. Even I am not sure about this issue but after reading your post I would say change the doctor and search for the best treatment.
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