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TOPIC: IBS type symptoms

Re: IBS type symptoms 11 years 2 months ago #25

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Hi Guys,

Ive been away for a while since my last post i didn't take the advice that the practitioner gave me regarding colonics and a system cleanse etc. I believe i have already been down that route and more colonics at regular intervals and herbs etc are only going to leave me more out of pocket rather then solve my problem.

Instead i chose to visit dr dirk budka, his website is www.ibsforum.co.uk where he tested me for many things among which was the SIBO test my highest result was 26ppm or something along the lines which was positive for sibo. He also did a histamine test and found i have low DAO

I have been prescribed xifaxan and a medicine which helps your DAO dont know much about this medicine as he and his colleagues have developed it but i have read research on xifaxan so i hope this works. I will let you know the results.

the doc also mentioned i should stick to a low histamine diet for a while so i will start this when i get my antibiotics, if anyone has anything to add i will appreciate it a little nervous about this one as i have read mixed reviews on xifaxan hope it will be my cure.
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IBS type symptoms 6 years 6 months ago #26

I had IBS for a long time too. My life sucked, I couldn't do anything normal... I went to so many doctors but none could help me. I started to try to heal myself doing a lot of research about my disorder. While doing that I found Dr. Brandeis and his intestinal repair protocol online which finally helped me, just google it. He focuses primarily on eating habits and natural supplements, no chemicals. He advised me which food to eat and what to avoid. My health improved a lot. I feel great now, I totally recommend Dr. Brandeis! All the best to you!
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IBS type symptoms 6 years 6 months ago #27

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Good to read you've got your IBS under control, around here we've all already been to more doctors than most people will see in a lifetime! Intestinal repair is certainly key with increased intestinal permeability of 'leaky gut syndrome' being increasingly accepted as a fundamental component of IBS. Getting rid of unwanted microbes (e.g. yeast, SIBO) can often prevent repair of the gut mucosa so this needs identifying and dealing with also.

I'm interested to learn if Dr. Brandeis brings anything unique in terms of treatment of IBS and gut health issues. Would you mind providing some detail about his intestinal repair protocol and the specifics of the diet he advised for you? There are a huge number of diets out there for IBS, with FODMAPS being the current preferred option.
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