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Re:SIBO/Candida - metronidazole and ciprofloxacin 10 years 2 months ago #13

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Thanks for the detailed response.

I've never had any evidence of protozoa or spore forming organisms. But it seems that the way the doctors in the U.S. and UK are treating SIBO is with a course of Cipro and Metronidazole or Rifaximin and Metronidazole.

I did do an extensive course of swallowing drops of Hydrogen Peroxide over the course of 3 months gradually increasing the drops. Unfortunately, I didn't get any relief at all. I presume Hydrogen Peroxide is the same as ozonated water? I used 35% Food Grade HP.

The Iodine I used was Lugol's 7% taken along with Selenium and Vit C.

You asked why i continuously try the same regimes. I actually haven't. I always try one regime for a period and then move on. I haven't tried any antibiotics for an extensive period before like i am now.

I know everything you mentioned about all the oils you mentioned but none of them did anything for me.

My question now is; should i take probiotics at the same time as the antibiotics? I started the antibiotics 4 days ago and have been taking probiotics 4-5 hours after taking the antibiotics. I have read that taking the probiotics can be counter productive as there shouldn't be any bacteria in the small intestines.

However, the Gastroenterologist did mention that by taking the antibiotics for such an extensive period it can leave me open to superbugs i.e. C-Dificile etc.
So he casually suggested I take a probiotic. I'm also paranoid about worsening any candida i may have which is why I have decided to take probiotics.

Dr Pimental who is pushing for the use of Rifaximin for the treatment of SIBO suggest that no probiotics should be taken if SIBO is the problem. However, I am very skeptical about his trials and his company's vested interests in the drug.

I guess nobody really knows what the right thing to do is. Different protocols work for different people. I did have high hopes for the Iodine and the Pure drops of Oregano oil

It's day four so far on the antibiotics. It's a bit too early to feel any real changes at the moment but I'll keep you all posted.

Thanks again for the feedback.
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Re:SIBO/Candida - metronidazole and ciprofloxacin 10 years 2 months ago #14

Hi Maff,

Thanks for fact-checking me. In my haste I mixed Nystatin with Neomycin in my mind from the memory of Sherry Roger's work.

Environmental Illness, Rogers, p. 121 says that Neomycin Sulfate on open wounds leads to allergy [hypersensitivity] and crossreactions with other chemicals.

This tells me that topically or by injection we are looking at an antibacterial (Neomycin) that can cause MCS. I look at the milligram, microgram and nanogram amounts of environmental chemicals or drugs that can provoke a reaction within minutes in the same way that I view a bee sting. So, for me, an antibiotic in any dose will be provocative.

The Nystatin antifungal is labeled as not going systemic, but then you make the perfect point that in the world of open wounds we have to consider that with all of the overgrowth in our guts with the biofilm causing a foothold for the other colony organisms to work their proteolytic magic on the lumen plus candida acting as an aggressive tissue penetrating parasite that any chemical compound from undigested food proteins to endotoxins to the organisms themselves to the things we try as remedies can pass with an "E" ticket to where they were never to be allowed access. Pathophysiology by Price and Wilson shows that antibiotics can lead to Serum Sickness. Serum Sickness provides the conditions for nearly every disease in North America including MCS and one of those mechanisms is vascular permeability.

Another topic I am working on is the use of Cellulase in enzyme formulas. From the earliest offerings of digestive enzymes cellulase has been part of the mix with the claim that it helped with food allergies. I would suspect that candida/fungus is at the root of a lot of food allergies so it would seem that since the cell walls of fungus are made of cellulose that it might be a logical treatment for the cause in the early years of this supplement. However, these days it may be that it just takes the cell wall off of the protoplasm and lets the yeast/fungus go stealth and that might be why things like what we are seeing today seem so intractable even with the most powerful drug interventions. I am in no way free of mycotic monsters myself, but I use a rotation of baking soda, ozonated water, black walnut, iodine, infrequent high doses of vitamin C, and probiotics to keep them mowed down without allowing them to build a resistance to any one substance. My vegan diet is extremely high in starch but I get by on it. My personal theory is that even if we did not get reinfected from the environment that the fungi are sequestered in our lymph system so that whenever we clean out the bowel it opens up the new grazing ground for them to repopulate. If that is true then we must find the substance or substances that disable them, purge them from the system, allow the others to come out, disable and purge them and just keep going like cleaning out a drain with a rotorooter. Otherwise we will treat, let it have a break, they will repopulate and then we will have to treat again and the cycle will never be broken if they are coming from the inside. I will respond to Bushi's new posting with a view on if they are coming from the outside.
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SIBO/Candida 7 years 7 months ago #15

Yes, I too have chronic pain, and I know it is directly affected by eating yeast, sugar, most fruits, all nuts except almonds. Basically ALL the foods that supposedly "feed" candida, make my pain worse. Eliminating all the offenders, plus all grains, has made a difference, but I'm not completely pain free. I'm still reliant on tramadol, which had made a night and day difference in my life. I'm on 25 mg a day and have been since 2003. Another thing that has helped with my pain is using a Doug Coil Machine on my gut area. This is a frequency generator and a copper coiled ring that is placed on the area of choice with specific frequencies and a killer amplifier that you set to kill off different bacteria types. I can come into the room with all-over body aches, set my machine for candida setting, and 15 minutes later, feel great. Granted, it doesn't last all day, as whatever is in my gut regrows, but because of this machine and my diet, I have gone from 50 mg of tramadol a day down to 25. There is a website explaining what this machine is and does plus another website that gives you the frequency numbers that correlate with the bacteria. www.electroherbalism.com Then do a search for the Doug Coil Machine. Forgot to mention I took a sibo test on Monday, and it became positive at the very end of the test, so she gave me Metro and Sulfamethoxazole. I don't feel any different yet. Also did a stool test looking for yeast & abnormalities, but it came back as normal, nothing pathogenic.
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