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TOPIC: Experience using activated charcoal?

Experience using activated charcoal? 11 years 2 weeks ago #1

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Hello all,
I feel fortunate to have just found this group. After years of getting no answers from typical MDs, I have found a functional medicine doc who has identified my issues. I've got systemic mold toxicity and yeast in the gut.

I'm supposed to start using activated charcoal to get the stuff moving out of my system. I'm very curious about others' experiences using this substance.

Did you suffer constipation?
Did you use milk thistle to assist your liver during the use of charcoal?
Were you able to use magnesium at night to help ease any constipation?
Did it successfully mobilize any toxins you had in your system?

Thanks to anyone who can share their stories with me!
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Re: Experience using activated charcoal? 11 years 1 week ago #2


I have been taking charcoal for over 2 yrs along with many other things ie bentonite clay, liposomal glutathion, vit c, ALA, magnesium, Vit D, etc.

I have a history of IBD, (crohns) but did not know that it would help digestive tract, and cannot verify that. I am taking it to detox neurotoxins and mycotoxins and much more. I am taking under instruction of a doctor.

Magnesium at night helps with constipation. Some doctors are looking and using meds to bind along with the charcoal (meds=cholestyramine, welchol, colestipol) which are really binding so I take magnesium at night, both sterate and glycerate form, the latter is also helpful in calming.

The natural way to bind would be to do Blue Heron, a supplement that has other helpful ingredients.

Vit C is also good for constipation; read up on vit c challenge. It is very helpful in detoxing, along with Vit B complexes, maganese, etc.

If you have not done so already, read books by Sherry Rogers, especially Detoxify or Die and try to do the detox cocktail. You don't have to buy certain products, just make sure it is a pharmaceutical grade and check all the ingredients.

Eat a really clean diet, organic.

Drink spring water from glass or filtered water.

Exercise and then sauna if you can.If you do suauna, make sure you drink electrolytes during and then lots of water.

Shiatsu was very helpful for me back home, but have not found good one where I am.

Look into coffee enemas.

Drink lots of water.

With my charcoal, I drink bentonite clay in green tea and/or ginger tea. Green tea helps detox and has antioxidants and ginger is anti inflammatory. I make a big pot and add bentonite to it with some lemon or lime and a bit of stevia and drinnk in the afteroon. Dr says to do it 2xs a day, which if you can is great!

There is a lot of info out there and many people do different things that work for them, but not necessarily for everyone.

I have done a lot of research and am still learning, its been 3 yrs for me, undiagnosed for decades. I have spent too much money on trying to figure it out, but do know that if you can find a safe or safer home it helps alot. To date, I have not and continue to suffer and put out lots of money in trying to stay alive.

Its a very large learning curve, and you do not need to spend good money if you learn the right things and do them.

It is hard work and takes discipline.

I hope you do well and recover.

Last, but not least at all, PRAY to Jesus. He is the great physician!
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