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TOPIC: New Subscriber, Feeling Pretty Disheartened

Re: New Subscriber, Feeling Pretty Disheartened 10 years 9 months ago #7

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for the input, it's reassuring to know and relate to others out there in the same horrendous condition. This is really quite a stupendous illness.

I've been feeling a bit better here and a bit better there and have absorbed a monstrous amount of information since the last time I posted. I have recently been reading about how diets with meat in them are particularly bad for candida as they are harsh on the gut which is in need of repair. Reading endless forum post and other stories of treatment has lead me to the resolution that personal direction is going to be the most important instrument moving forward. It seems that there are a million and one ways that people get the issue under control. Lately I've been taking GSE, I took coconut oil, diflucan (with little to no results after a week), Pau D Arco (which has been quite nice but the candida is now becoming resistant), and large quatities of probiotics. I abandoned the idea of threelac.

One thing I've concluded is very useful is not overeating and especially so just before bed. I always feel ten times better when I wake up from a night of sleep on a totally empty stomach. Also, I've been slowly able to begin to exercise again which has been great. When I go home I'm also going to start going to the sauna at my local ymca as I've heard Candida does not like heat.

Has anyone hear used the Oxy Alo Flush designed by Dr.Whiting (www.phoenixnutritionals.com/ldo.html)? A family member found it online and said I should give it a shot. The company seems a bit sketchy but who knows, a lot of the online stuff can be misleading. Here is a video he made about candida (Dr Whiting on Candida) he seems a little two-faced. I also read Roger Haeske's protocol which frightened me but also peeked my curiosity. Has anyone heard of his turpentine treatment or maybe even tried it the risk of neurological side effects/damage?

I've found a naturopathic doctor and nutritionist (she had candida) that I'm going to see when the semester ends. Hopefully together—they work in the same practice—they can help me out some.

Anyways thought I would share and say thanks for the input.

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