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TOPIC: Huge disaster - a cry for help!

Re: Huge disaster - a cry for help! 10 years 7 months ago #7

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Sorry if this rubs against your viewpoint, but the truth is often rather stark.
Ok, here goes.
1) The U.S. Govt & the Huge Pharma Co's have been in a conspiracy to keep people "sick" so they make more $money off us all, for decades.

2) The majority of 'sicknesses & diseases' are caused by an IMBALANCE OF THE 'ph' LEVEL IN YOUR GUT, BLOOD, SALIVA, ETC.

3) You don't need anymore doctors! You just need to get your body/fluids REbalanced basically!

4) Stomach 'acids' are about 2.5 'ph' to acidify/digest foods. Your blood is naturally a 'ph' of 7.4 The 'ph' scale runs from 1 to 14. "7" is the division point between "Acid" on the low end; and "Alkaline' on the Hi end. Get it?

(*) MOST CRAPPY FOODS IN THE WESTERN DIET (Coke, soda pops, most foods in boxes & canned ggods = highly 'processed') are 'acidic" = the exact opposite our bodies need!

Fresh/leafy green veges are more "Alkalinic'. You need to be eating "SPROUTS" 3 TIMES A DAY! You need to eat "WHEATGRASS" 3 times a day!

Sounds like u have "Leaky Gut syndrome"

(*) My friend, Bonnie (New Mexico) talks about "Leaky gut Syndrome' in her new/fantastic Ebook: "How they Poisoned Our Drinking Water"
to be published on Amazon-Kindle soon 4 only $4.97, a steal!
Here is an exerpt from pg. 227 of her Ebook.

"Today, [sulfur deficiency] has been linked to major diseases like obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer's, and chronic fatigue. For 2010, trends show states have obesity rates at 30% of their population."[11]
"Another reason for 'sulfur deficiency' is due to the gut dysbiosis either from ingestion of prescription medication like birth control pills, antibiotics, antacids. In autistic children, severe deficiency of sulphate is found 95% of the time due to an overgrowth of these sulphate-reducing microbes."[13].
"Maintaining [proper pH balance] in the gut from 'alkalinizing sulfur' can improve your beneficial gut flora to flourish and balance harmful micro-organisms that lead to illness and weak immunity."
Source: "How they Poisoned Our Drinking Water" by: Bonnie Springwester
For Sale: on Amazon-Kindle soon (April, 2012) for only $4.97, a steal, Josh
(*) If you can't find it at Amazon yet, try an email to her at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
She can probably send u a copy (230 pgs) for a $5 to her paypal acct.

P.S. It's time to "get mad" at the problem, so u work up some energy to do something about it & GET WELL! You will be absolutely 'amazed' at the cures, solutions, etc in her book. She has a 35 pg chap on the Fukushima-Radiation ALL OVER THE PLANET! & SOLUTIONS (iONIC CLAY, etc.) = 39 CHAPS TOTAL!
I heard a Librarian tell her, her Ebook was worth $20 & I agree.
Grab a copy now & I bet she has the solution to your problem in her book.
Best wishes, Josh, in Florida
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