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TOPIC: Dysbiosis?

Dysbiosis? 5 years 11 months ago #1

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My son who is 9 years now has had food intolerance/allergy type of symptoms - specially all types of proteins, fat (oil). We suspected Dysbiosis and got him to do Bioscreen's Faecal Microbial Analysis (FMA) test. In the test results the following shown:

(1) Total bacterial count 2.88 x 10(8) - normal range

(2) Aerobes
(a) Total aerobe count 2.75 x 10 (7) - normal range

(b) E.coli coliform 2.48 x 10 (7) - normal range

(c) Klebsiella pneumoniae 8.27 x 10 (4)

(d) Citrobacter freundii 2.48 x 10 (6) - Hi

The questions I have are:

(1) Is it normal to see Klebsiella pneumoniae (even in this small percentage) in a culture test?

(2) Would herbal medicines be sufficient to treat the overgrowth of Citrobacter freundii

(3) Do you think there is much of a Dysbiosis based on these results?
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