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TOPIC: The Health Detectives: Auto-Brewery Syndrome

The Health Detectives: Auto-Brewery Syndrome 5 years 8 months ago #7

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I thought as much. Jeez.. exasperating :-O ... yeh at the very least make them pay for your time!
Theres no point in making a programme on mystery illnesses if they are going to go straight to mainstream docs for opinions - the whole point is, they are *mysteries* which dont fit into current mainstream med.
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The Health Detectives: Auto-Brewery Syndrome 4 years 8 months ago #8

Hi Matt,

My brother is suffering from Yeast Fermentation problem (not sure if I am using correct terminology). I live in UK and he is in USA. Initially we had no idea of problem but when we heard about his situation we were terrified i.e. body generating alcohol, doctors don't even know about this situation, they think he is drunk. Initially this happened only once a month but now its daily. He very low in energy, always wanting to sleep, active only for few hours, blurry speech and not able to walk and alcohol smell. Now we have ordered a Breath Analyser to see what the pattern is. We have changed the diet i.e. now on vegetable smoothies. Doctors in normal practice are not acknowledging how serious the situation is, some say its due to tension and gave medicines for that, it went bad; once we called emergency and they referred to rehabilitation centre thinking its closet drinker case. Their family is devastated by this sudden change (daily occurrence now). Family is in touch with one functional consultant in USA and they have advised him on strict smoothie, vegetable diet and soon they will start some sort of detox plan. He takes an anti-fungal medicine as well (but we did not see any impact at all for 10 days we were in USA). We are not sure if this is right direction at all. I started searching for this on google and came across your article on vice.com and then to this website. Thanks a ton for doing something like this. I can see reference to www.drmyhill.co.uk and looking at this website they are not taking new patients. Is there any other options or good doctors or anything in USA/MI.
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