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TOPIC: MCS, Fibro and Tinnitus recovery

MCS, Fibro and Tinnitus recovery 10 years 4 weeks ago #1

  • Roosty
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Hi everyone,

Apologies upfront if I'm posting in the wrong place! Anyway, I was wondering if anyone can help me...I've been suffering with MCS for around 20 years and for the last 2 years with Fibromyalgia. I also have fairly severe tinnitus which, in my case, makes the above systems worse, probably due to the stress / adrenal cycles that it generates.

Having read a lot recently and looked on these great forums, I'm as convinced as ever that some form of over excitement in the brain and then "training" is the root of all these problems.

Question is then, how to get better!

I've started following the GUPTA brain retraining, and although it's early days, I'm falling asleep less than before.

I'm considering adding into the mix the Martin Pall protocol to try and rebalance and slow down some of the over-excitement. Is it easy to get hold of over here? And given its initial "fanfare" are we really hearing of people recovering or improving significantly?

In my case, if I could find a way to cut the anxiety generated by the tinuttus I know I could get further down the road to recovery more quickly. Perhaps DHEA can help with this, as I've heard it being banded around?

Anyway, the help of my fellow "sufferers" or "recoverers" would be much appreciated!

Kind regards,

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Re: MCS, Fibro and Tinnitus recovery 10 years 3 weeks ago #2

  • Maff
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Hi Roosty,

Apologies for the tardy response! As the sole admin of the site I don't always have the time or energy left after other activities to reply to forum posts etc.

My personal feeling is that you are absolutely on the right track. I have been recovered from MCS for 8 years now. I was previously a prisoner in my bedroom and living room without wearing a carbon filter mask.

I strictly avoided exposure to all airborne chemicals for 2-3 years and ate a low carb whole foods diet (mostly certified organic). I also meditated daily and took numerous antioxidants and other supplements (most of which now fall into Pall's protocol). The key for me however seemed to be the DHEA at 25mg/day (morning). I noticed huge benefits from this almost immediately and 2 months later I had my final reaction to chemicals - no MCS since. I would expand on this and say that addressing adrenal fatigue with a qualified healthcare practioner is what is required rather than simply taking DHEA. It's getting the diurnal rhythm and the balance between DHEA and cortisol that is important. Looking at thyroid and sex hormones is also important.

I strongly believe a combination of brain retraining, Pall protocol and hormonal rebalancing provides a strong basis for recovery from MCS...and also fibromyalgia.

Good luck and best wishes!
If you are going through hell, keep going - Winston Churchill
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