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TOPIC: Recommended doctors in the South/London?

Recommended doctors in the South/London? 9 years 9 months ago #1

  • konnor
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Hi All,

Nice to check into the site and catch up on the goss.

Unfortunately my health has continued to decline having developed MCS and gastroparesis and I'm in very bad shape.

I was looking to approach a decent practitioner with a broad knowledge of gut health, liver health, endocrine health and MCS. Being out in the sticks in Norwich means it's difficult to get anywhere, with London being my best bet.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Due to wanting some tests from biolab, I'm keen to speak to one of the practitioners on their list. Specifically I was looking at Dr Damian Downing, Dr Charles Forsyth, Dr Alan Stewart or Dr Georges Mouton at the hale clinic. Georges Mouton I know is extremely expensive and orders allot of tests, but I was very impressed with the information he has on liver function. I spoke to Charles Forsyth briefly and he seemed quite decent, although homeopathy isn't something I'm really onboard with.

Does anyone have any experience with these or other practitioners? Specifically, I need expertise in....

- Digestion - at the level of almost not being able to digest anything and negotiating round it.
- Liver health - knowing which pathways to stimulate/avoid and any reliable diagnostics for it.
- Experience with MCS and the possible organic causes.

Digestion would probably take precedence.

Although probably most important, someone that is able to listen, able to appreciate what I've tried and the complexity of my case without giving me a lecture, preferably not prescribing a huge amount of supplements I most likely couldn't tolerate, just to profit from my vulnerability.

Many thanks!
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Re: Recommended doctors in the South/London? 9 years 9 months ago #2

  • Maff
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Hi konnor,

Good to hear from you! Not so good to hear your health has deteriorated since you were last on the site :/

I know Damien Downing pretty well having been a patient on and off for going on 20 years. As an all round functional/integrative medicine doc who knows his stuff and has his finger on the pulse in this area of medicine (excuse the pun!) he is definitely someone I would recommend working with.

Since you are really after expertise in digestion and liver health (detoxification pathways) however then there's only one guy I'd go to personally and that would be George Mouton. He lectured on my degree course in nutritonal medicine and his knowledge of gut ecology and detoxification pathways - how things should work, what can go wrong and why, what to do about it etc - well, he frankly blew me away! I do hear he is expensive and runs lots of tests...but to be able to tackle these illnesses testing to diagnose and follow up on issues is important.

I really hope you can find someone you can work with. Biolab are great by the way...as are Acumen (set up by Biolab co-founder I believe).

Good luck!
If you are going through hell, keep going - Winston Churchill
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Re: Recommended doctors in the South/London? 9 years 9 months ago #3

  • konnor
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Thanks fella,

Yeah I’ve heard good things about Dr Mouton. I found some slides on the liver on his website and was suitably impressed. He is very expensive though. £250 for an appointment and from what I’ve heard, around £1250 for all the testing. That pretty much puts it on par with all the initial testing at break spear.

Although I never thought I’d admit defeat (in terms of natural medicine), I think my condition is probably now untreatable. My gastric emptying is extremely slow, and food sits in my stomach for upwards of 12 hours. I’ve always struggled with constipation, but the movement of food from my stomach and through my small intestine is painfully (quite literally) slow. It’s so bad that I can taste supplements up my throat if I take them with meals and I get no help from enzymes, HCL or bile acids. Nausea, weight loss and abdominal cramps accompany this. It does explain many of my negative reactions to fibre, probiotics, and anything that bulks up the stool. The only natural ‘lead’ I think I have remaining is SIBO, although that usually develops as result of slow transit time, rather than the other way round.

I’m also chronically dehydrated, with frequent urination. I’m only able to hold onto fluids for about an hour before urinating them out. The natural thought was after years of hypoglycaemia, diabetes may now be an issue, however I’m still registering normal/low blood sugars. However, due to the delayed gastric emptying carb heavy meals do lead to a chronic elevation. My dehydration symptoms are generally worse on higher carbs.

My thoughts would be gastroparesis and diabetes insipidus, for that set of symptoms at least. Then all the liver/chemical/nervous system trouble. I know the umbrella of IBS/digestive trouble can be quite wide, but for me food is just not moving through in much capacity at all. Constipation can somewhat contribute towards this feeling, however sometimes I can take an enema and not evacuate much at all, despite feeling backed up.

Despite being low carb for long periods, some vegus nerve damage from past high blood sugars is probably at play. This would be a sensible connection between the digestive and metabolic symptoms, and perhaps why I’ve never made any inroads into my constipation (feeling) over the years. Unfortunately on the natural side of things their doesn’t seem to be much to assist with this. Some people seem to experience some benefit with things like bitters, however I experience the opposite effect, suggesting that there is no function there. Do you have any thoughts on vegus nerve regeneration?

So it will be off to the doctors I think to get some component of this diagnosed, even though it’s not the full picture. Natural remedy wise I’m a little cornered. Previously my most useful supplements for transit time and constipation were magnesium and vitamin C and this makes sense due to the fact they pull water into the colon and this was to be able to stimulate bowel movements probably with less ‘use’ of the vegus nerve. Although now with dehydration, this effect is no longer occurring.

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to rehydrate myself without orthodox intervention and investigation. Maybe after that I’ll get some relief but I’m fully expecting to go round the houses with doctors.

How are you doing by the way? Looking forward to the book which I’ll definitely purchase.

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