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TOPIC: Dentistry metals causing MCS

Dentistry metals causing MCS 10 years 1 month ago #1

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A very long discussion with some excellent info


Certainly I turned the corner with MCS after having all my ancient amalgams removed, tho we don't know which of the mix of metals might have been the culprit, allergy tests didn't come up with much apart from nickel. I had more than the average amount of mercury in my bod which prompted me to have them removed, but the nutritionist who ran the tests said she'd seen much higher levels in ppl with seemingly no bad effects.

The fall-out from having all my amalgams removed (many of them huge fillings from childhood) was that my teeth were left weakened and & needed many caps & root canals, some of which are also now giving up the ghost.

These days titanium implants and part/full dentures can be held in place permanently with small titanium screws, but as you will see if you look thru that link, although titanium is supposedly inert it can also kick of MCS type symptoms in some ppl.. so be careful!

I have a specialist dentist in London who has just put a small titanium pin in place where I have a missing tooth, the kind of small pins they use to keep in temporary dentures rather than the larger ones they use for permanent fixing. It will stay there for 6 mo's ..or less if I sense any deterioration in my health..then come out . This cost £300, which is much cheaper than an full size titanium implant & could be one way forward for anyone here who doesn't want to jump in the deep end with titanium dentistry.. as we know reactions don't always show up in classical allergy tests so it may be impossible to find out beforehand if you can tolerate titanium for dentistry or even for major surgery without trying something like this first.

I won't be having an implant put in after this, as its just one missing tooth, but time will come when I will need to choose whether to use titanium or not. Thought this info & the link might help someone :)
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