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TOPIC: 800.000 EI's without help in Finland☡

800.000 EI's without help in Finland☡ 4 years 7 months ago #1

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No help for us. This is hell. Biggest human right violation since world war 2 in Finland towards it's own citizens. Please hear us. Send us some mold angels! Our government is doing nothing but killing us slowly and painfully. Out of 5, 4 million citizens 800.000/ one million people are seriously ill. About 60.000 really seriously sick. And there is going to be more!
A real Mold-bomb and government does nothing to help us or stopping the construction business to build houses like this. Every week some school, now big birth hospital in Helsinki closed up while ago and parts of staff are seriously ill (nurses, doctors too!, other personel, teachers...many homes are ruined by molds and 2-ethyl hexanol etc. I lived in a flat like that for 9 years. I got 3 different type ezposures , molds, fungus and 2-ethyl hexanol from 2006-2016, i moved in into a brand new block of flats). Now I have third mold flat! Again! At friends so i don't have to be there cause my symptoms activates there. Can't tolerate perfumes, electricity, chemicals etc anymore. Every day I react to some new chemical. Like this they try to get rid of the problem??
It is political, money and corruption matter. It is more cheap to leave us dying.
This is serious human right violotion and ethically and morally wrong. About 60.000 out of 800.000 EI's are severely ill as myself. Deasent diagnose code we don't have either (political)so that people who can't work anywhere anymore and are suffering and really ill don't get deasent sickness benefits, pention, accept through psychiatric diagnoses and other diagnoses. People are dropped out homeless and really ill...and not a single place for us where we could get medical/social/emergency homes etc help. We don't have single one treatment place! No help. Nothing. Many wanders without any diesent shelter and are extremely sick. They don't tolerate chemicals and we are left on our own completely. Many children really ill too. We have a huge problem.
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