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TOPIC: MCS and Dental work.

MCS and Dental work. 4 years 8 months ago #1

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Hi everyone :)

I have seen so many doctors over the years i have lost count, and i have spent a small fortune.

I hardly know where to begin, but here goes, my problems mostly began after the birth of my second child, I had several different antibiotics, to control an infection, the infection cleared, but I was ill for a couple of months after and never felt 100% again, didn’t blame the antibiotics at this stage.

A few years later I took Minocycline for 11 months, for acne. I remember the whites of my eyes been yellow on and off, and I had pale stools, I stupidly didn’t see my GP. Then I began feeling extremely dizzy, had constant nausea, flushing, so weak, jelly legs, weight fell from 81/2 stone to under 6 (fast) even though I was forcing myself to eat at this stage, I had arrhythmia's, diarrhea, severe hair loss, flashing lights in my eyes and pressure on my brain, the list was endless. I was so ill my family thought I wouldn’t make it. It took a year after stopping Minocycline just to start to feel better. I was given topical Dalacin for acne, I applied it to my neck, and straight way the head pressure returned, I stopped it immediately.

About seven years later I took Amoxycillin for what I thought was cystitis, thinking i would be okay with an Antibiotic from a different group, but I felt slightly weak and fatigued for about a month after the course. The cystitis came returned, I was prescribed Amoxicillin again, after completing the course my health nosedived, I was nauseated all the time, severe weight loss again many of the symptoms I had with the Minocin, only this time, I developed allergies to just about everything I came into contact with, I was left eating potatoes, chicken and some green veggies. My cystitis turned out to be interstitial cystitis, not bacterial, if I eat bacon I will get it, it is the nitrates! So I didn’t need the Amoxycillin after all, I now use D Manosse at the first sign.

I saw many environmental doctors, spent a fortune, had lots of treatments including EPD. I FELT SO ILL.

I just about lived in my IR sauna for a year. I also had a tooth extracted with mercury under a nickel crown, and all my mercury fillings replaced with composite. My dental problems where ongoing, and my holistic dentist at the time wasn’t as knowledgeable as he claimed in his marketing, I trusted him completely, travelling thousands if miles, and spending a lot of money.

I never fully recovered from antibiotics and was always ultra sensitive to life, wash powder, shampoos, petrol, plastic, perfume, newspapers, new furniture etc list is endless.

I had composite bonding placed by a new dentist, on my upper front teeth, soon afterwards I had excess saliva all the time, I slept with a towel on my pillow. My dentist replaced the material with Admira thinking it was more inert. Same thing happened, chronic cough, pounding headache, sore peeling throat etc. He drilled it off, my symptoms went away. I ordered Diamond Lite from USA, after placement the symptoms returned, plus numbness/pins and needles around my top lip. I had it drilled of and now my teeth are a mess.

I did testing with Cliffords lab, the results where that almost every composite and every adhesive are unsuitable for me. Implants where suitable, but I assume that is because I haven’t had exposure.

I did do follow up testing some time later with Cliffords lab, after doing lots of saunas and detox regimes, and oddly enough, they found some materials that had been unsuitable for me on my last test where now siutable. I have lost confidence in trying anymore filling materials, but i have missing teeth and the rest are cracking, I feel I must do something.

Has anyone with MCS tried implants?
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MCS and Dental work. 4 years 7 months ago #2

I do not have any medical training at all. I will tell you what happened to me though.
I had the biocompatibility testing done with Clifford and a second company. My dentist used the 'acceptable' products, I still had a terrible reaction. Kidney pain, brain fog, body aches. I believe now that my situation is not strictly compatibility but that my body is overloaded and the addition of any chemical (like a dental filling) puts my body over its limit.
I do not have dental implants, my husband does (he does not have MCS). When we were meeting with his oral surgeon I asked about my situation. He said that if I had dental implants done and had a reaction the only way to get them out would be to break my jaw to release them. The jaw bone closes in on the implant that is how it is held in place. I decided not to take the chance and had a partial made. It works okay, of course it is a form of denture but I only wear it if I am going to be around other people and I can take it out anytime it bothers me.
It is possible that I misunderstood the oral surgeon. We were not there for a formal consultation for me it was my husband's appointment but I would say that you should ask your doctor what your options would be if you had the implants put in and found out afterwards that you don't tolerate them.
It is not fun to lose teeth I know. It makes everything way more difficult and for me emotional.
Best wishes, Rebecca
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MCS and Dental work. 4 years 7 months ago #3

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Thanks for your reply Rebecca.

Like you i think these reactions are due to body overload, i have done so much detoxing, but now i wrack my brain as to what i might be unwittingly exposing myself to. I have gone off the idea of implants (health comes first) unless i can get my health pulled around.
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MCS and Dental work. 2 years 2 weeks ago #4

It is very rare disease and treatment is need carefully under doctor guidance or you can use perfect Home Remedies because It has no side effect on our body
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