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TOPIC: Water purifier for the body, oxidizes acid

Water purifier for the body, oxidizes acid 3 years 3 months ago #1

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It’s a Crime more people don’t have the help these cheap products give. Does’t Treat symptoms, these remove the cause!!!
Look into MMS and MSM. MMS is sodium chlorite in liquid form that you activate with equal drops of hydrochloric acid, found in stomach digestion. MSM is organic sulfur. Making huge changes in my mind, body and health. By the way it’s inexpensive and does/did sooo much for my body. Look up
Thousands of testimonials can be found on YouTube. Jim Humble is a true humanitarian in my opinion. Do yourself a huge favor and look up info.
:whistle: Look for Organic Sulfer on Amazon to read 186+ reviews.
PSS this is not Chlorine Bleach, that’s false information to discourage you from getting out Big Pharma. Just check into this.
Best wishes, Pam
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Water purifier for the body, oxidizes acid 3 years 3 months ago #2

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Hi Pam,
I've been meaning to thank you for this fantastic information on MSM and MMS, in particular, since you first posted it. Apologies for the delay. I've never come across Jim Humble or the use of sodium chlorite in this way before so this video is a true eye and mind opener!
MSM is obviously well known to many as a nutritional supplement to supply sulfur to the body but this use seems unique and certainly worthy of further investigation if its effects are as described here.
Would you mind expanding a bit on what using this MSM and MMS combination therapy did for you specifically e.g. what condition(s) did you have and how did this help or resolve it / them? I'm very interested to learn more, as I'm sure others are, even if they have not had the chance to reply to your post.
Either way, thank you again for taking the time to share with us, it's always great to read positive stories in the midst of so many people struggling and suffering.

Best wishes,
If you are going through hell, keep going - Winston Churchill
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