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TOPIC: Full Frontal Assault

Full Frontal Assault 12 years 4 months ago #1

Below is something that I sent to the Ombudsman at ABC Nightline. Those are the people who are supposed to make sure that journalism is balanced.

While you might get the impression that they showed both sides of the issue, the topical undercurrent was that Allopathic Medicine was calling into question the Scientific validity of Environmental Medicine and that it had not been properly addressed beyond patient's feelings and beliefs.

Because this unashamed assault on one of the largest clinics in the U.S. affects the freedom of choice for all of us (I have no vested interest in the clinic) it would be in everyone's best interest to contact ABC and the State of Texas Board of Medicine to tell them what you think.
To the Ombudsmen,

The Nightline Piece 03/20/2008 on Environmental Illness had the facade of balanced journalism but there are several gross errors that need to be publicly retracted.

It is an outright LIE:

\"In fact most vaccines today don't contain ANY mercury.\"


Not only do States seek exemptions from the Mercury ban it is explicitly stated that there is 1.25 micrograms allowed in \"Mercury Free\" vaccines.

It may be allowable in government and the media that supports it to lie about something being Free of Mercury, however 1.25 micrograms and an exemption on the ban of mercury-containing vaccines demonstrates clearly that this exposure to Mercury is Scientifically NOT ZERO. More importantly there are other toxic metal adjuvants in vaccines that were not mentioned.

The insistence that Dr. Rae's work did not meet Peer Review ignores the fact that advertising money for drugs in medical journals pays for the journals to stay published, which is an obvious conflict of interest. The FDA is funded by the Drug Industry to allow for Fast Track approval of drugs. The journal Nature was scandalized by scientists who faked all of their data.

“Environmental Sensitivities Research Institute was around since 1995. ESRI is a \"non-profit\" organization with membership fees of $2,500 to $10,000 per year. The Board of Directors includes representatives of DowElanco, Monsanto, Proctor and Gamble, and the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association. It is chaired by executive director of RISE, a pesticide industry association opposed to MCS recognition.”

“From 1945 to 2002 there were 694 published, peer-reviewed articles on MCS. Of these, over 50% support the organic view, whereas less than 25% support a psychosocial view (Donnay, 2002). Over half of these articles are just since 1992 (Donnay, 2002). For example, in 1999 the British Health and Safety Executive commissioned a report on MCS that concluded MCS is an organic disease. The report was carried out by the Institute of Occupational Medicine and endorsed by the Department of Health (Independent, London, March 19, 1999).“

Most notable is the claim by the State of Texas that the protocols of Dr. Rae's clinic have not been medically reviewed.


It seems like the CDC recognizes the benefits of Sauna therapy if they build a $30,000 unit in their headquarters.


Regarding the Quack Dr. Kahn who dismissed and labeled all allergic reactions as psychogenic. Perhaps he should either stop commenting on 'specialties' that he is not board certified for, and/or give up his allergy practice for psychiatry, or take the time to educate himself on the fact that exposures are a PHYSIOLOGICAL REALITY with biochemical responses and these biological responses been rejected as having psychogenic origin.


RAND corporation report on Gulf War Syndrome
Chapter Eleven: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

\"Labeling either MCS or illnesses in PGW veterans as psychogenic or as primarily stress-related is both unsubstantiated and potentially counterproductive. At present, no solid evidence indicates that illness in either MCS patients or in PGW veterans is psychogenic; rather, the cause of symptoms is unknown.\"

\"Distress at being labeled with psychogenic illness has been voiced by both MCS patients (Miller, 1994) and by PGW veterans (Subcommittee on Human Resources, 1997a, 1997b; Zeller, 1997). Such characterizations have engendered alienation among veterans, who have referred to them as degrading and have correctly described them as unfounded (Sumpter-Loebig, 1997). \"

The AMA has already ruled that Environmental Illness is NOT a psychiatric disorder.

\"American Medical Association, which adopted a position paper critical of clinical ecology in 1992, said in 1994--in a joint statement with the American Lung Association, US EPA and US Consumer Product Safety Commission--that the \"current consensus\" on MCS is that \"complaints should not be dismissed as psychogenic, and a thorough workup is essential.\"

The Quack Dr. Kahn provided no definition of 'a cure' nor was a definition required by the interviewer.

\"Is that a cure? Absolutely not.\"

Nightline did not balance the journalism to determine what antigens were used by the Quack Dr. Kahn to critique the safety or efficacy of the antigens or the toxic phenol used in his and most allergy shots as a preservatives. It is impossible to let slide that 'jet fuel' is unacceptable when phenol is. When jet fuel has been identified as a major contaminant in food products grown in California it is an environmental reality that humans are being exposed to it on a regular basis and the government is not regulating it.


What is the definition of a cure?

Cancer treatment employs extremely toxic chemicals (Chemotherapy) and toxic levels of radiation. A large number of cancer patients die under treatment. Is that a cure?

Diabetes is treated for life with insulin. Is that a cure?

Heart disease treatment employs invasive surgery stop-gaps like stents and bypasses. Is that a cure?

There was no balance journalism to hold the Quack Dr. Kahn to the same standards that the State of Texas demands of Dr. Rae. Where are the DOUBLE BLIND studies to prove Kahns assertions that Environmental Allergy is a conditioned response? Psychiatrists are the lowest paid of all Medical Doctors. This sounds like a bid for marketshare.

This is reminiscent of the illegal attacks of the AMA on Chiropractic to keep them out of practice.

ABC/Nightline needs to spend more time researching the facts before airing an Opinion Piece on such a critical issue.
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Re:Full Frontal Assault 12 years 4 months ago #2

  • Maff
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Hi Vlad,

What a fantastic post. Thanks so much for sharing with us :)

I'm in the UK so didn't see the Nightline piece but I am of course aware of Dr. Rae's work and clinic. It sounds like the same old tactics of undermining the credibility of environmental medicine doctors. When will allopathic medicine accept that these doctors are the only ones who actually get anything like a successful treatment outcome with people likes us?!
If you are going through hell, keep going - Winston Churchill
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Re:Full Frontal Assault 12 years 4 months ago #3


Thanks for the kind words.

We do get The Beeb, out here on PBS to see what you see Across The Pond.

I have been following the Mental Health Movements on both sides and was highly disturbed when I saw the trend on your side to relegate MYALGIC ENCEPHALOMYELITIS (lumped with FM, CFS, et. al.) into the Psychogenic Bin. It makes you wonder which side tries it out first to see if it will take so that they can make it a global stigma.

I truly believe that it is people like you and sites like this that will stem the tide of infantilizing sick people into being observers of their own care by Witch Doctors and empowering them into being active participants in true healing.

All of your posters have helped me greatly.
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Re:Full Frontal Assault 12 years 4 months ago #4

  • Canary75
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Hi to both of you,

As a sufferer of chemical sensitivities I wanted to thank Maff for having the determination to set up and maintain this site. I've learned a lot and I'm sure many others have too.

Also want to thank Vaccinator for this excellent post. I had the misfortune of seeing the nightline show on environmental illness the other day and it made my blood boil. How they can get away with being so biased is beyond me. It's like they set out to tow the medical establishment line but then try to add a few bits so it looks like an unbiased piece. You posted some great links which show the views presented on nightline for what they are....lies!

Keep up the good work guys
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Re:Full Frontal Assault 12 years 4 months ago #5

Hi Canary,

Love the name by the way.

The reason I chose my screen name was because I wanted to give a shot of Truth to a section of medicine that has largely been ignored by the Mainstream and is full of deception, deflection and abandonment of patients who are desperately in need of help.

It is easy to see why this is the Status Quo.

Oil and natural gas provide a lot of what is needed to start the manufacture of drugs.

Chemical companies are quite often the same parent company as drug companies - so there will be no relief there. If they admitted that their products (industrial chemicals and drugs) caused injury the lawsuits would bankrupt them.

Thank goodness for governments that won't allow that to happen...........

(Tongue-in-cheek. Not because I'm making a joke - it's just an anaphylactic shock to graft and corruption)

After nearly 100 years of denying that mercury used in tooth fillings is toxic EVERY dentist worldwide would be sued if they admitted they were wrong.

And we couldn't have that! (Never forget that dentists are licensed at an equivalent level as Medical Doctors - DDS)

The greatest crime that I have uncovered is that Vaccines are at the root of practically ALL CHRONIC HEALTH problems! All that and you get to pay for the privilege.

If you study this topic you will find that they can provoke Hypersensitivity reactions. Acute like anaphylaxis or delayed manifesting in things like let's say...

Food Allergy

There is Congressional testimony on diabetes being caused by Pertussis toxoid. (That's Whooping Cough for those who don't have a Latin-to-Normal-Human-talk dictionary)

I never thought I would see the day when there was an admission in Federal Court that Autism was caused by The Jab (as the British say). But if you read about the family - the father is a doctor and the mother is a lawyer.

Is that what it takes for us 'normals' to be respected????????

Sorry, I don't have a degree, but I do know that if an anvil falls on my head it's going to leave a mark.

What irks me is the infantilization of parents by the Medical Establishment. This is facilitated by Neural Linguistic Programming, in that, if you repeat the same core concepts over and over the target will assimilate it.

\"Everything is going to be all right....\"

Go back to sleep. It wasn't the vaccine that destroyed your normal baby it was your bad genes.

W.C. Fields in a lab coat, \"Go away, little boy - you bother me.\"

(I've had 20 year-olds who swear they were never vaccinated, however, if they were born in a hospital they got Tetanus and Hepatitis B whether their parents knew it or not)

Medicine would be easy if it wasn't for those pesky patients.

So, the jist of this post is that medicine is regulated by government, government is regulated by industry; which leaves us with trying to figure out the mess they made, trying to fix it ourselves and then doing our best to keep it from happening again.

Good luck - government won’t even write back to me.

Never give up.
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