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TOPIC: anti-Metallothionein IgG

anti-Metallothionein IgG 12 years 1 month ago #1

Hi Everybody,

Been away for a while discovering that vaccines do indeed cause every chronic health problem on the planet.

I stumbled across this little mystery solver:


This article explains why we can't detox metals that in turn leads to microbial overgrowths that like to eat the waste.

Well, not really. They don't share my take on it. They blame bad breeding and genetics.

Vaccines cause genetic damage and epigenetic changes too, so it is not surprising that the disinformation is the blame the patient. For decades I did not know, or imagine that an autoantibody could be generated to work against the very machinery of the body that protects it.

I guess no one else did - look at the publication date.

So, if you have been struggling for decades to get better, have gotten nowhere, despite all of your best efforts to follow good professional advice, detox, supplement damaged metabolic pathways, and just plain try to do everything right - don't worry...your DNA was damaged.

I'll post any good news if there is any to be had.
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Re:anti-Metallothionein IgG 12 years 1 month ago #2

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Was wondering where you'd got to. Good to have you back ;)

Thanks for another interesting and thought-provoking post. Your theory no doubt has some truth to it but unfortunately researchers don't tend to connect the dots like that do they. They stick to their own speciality. Like the old saying goes different doctors presented with the same patient will diagnose a different disease based on their own speciality..e.g. a gastroenterologist might diagnose irritable bowel syndrome while a psychiatrist seeing the same patient might diagnose depression/anxiety etc!

The genetic damage is interesting in light of the fact that chronic fatigue syndrome patients are known to have problems with both heavy metals and various infections and studies have suggested that they might be more susceptible to cancer.

One study in 2006 that looked at causes of death in ME/CFS patients found that those who died from cancer did so at a much younger age than the general population. This was particularly true for women.


Also, the recent Kerr study that identified 7 subtypes of ME/CFS determined that a number of the subtypes were linked to an increased risk of developing cancer. Perhaps those subtypes had greater problems with detoxification, heavy metals, oxidative stress and DNA damage?! Just speculating on that but worth looking into.


Sorry for the depressing post folks but I found it all very interesting!<br /><br />Post edited by: Maff, at: 2008/06/26 11:59
If you are going through hell, keep going - Winston Churchill
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