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TOPIC: Paint fumes and apartments

Paint fumes and apartments 5 years 1 week ago #1

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I am currently facing this problem where I cannot tolerate being in any building that has been recently painted, even ones that claim to use "low vocs" or even "zero vocs". The more recently painted the worse. After some time, I will eventually start to get headaches, nausea, a heavy feeling in the head, and overall feeling suffocated.

This has made it really difficult for me to find a place to live. I've had to move several times, and even lost a lot of money signing leases only to realize later that the environment was too toxic for me to live in.

I am currently staying at an extended stay hotel, and I've been stuck here for a while because I haven't been able to find an apartment like or rent a room in a home. I've been searching craigslist, but I'm hesitant to live with people again, because I also have insomnia, and I am sound sensitive in the evening. The slightest noises will jolt me awake. Granted, I've improved on my insomnia a bit (which was due to anxiety, due to another issue I am also dealing with).

So I do think the best solution might be to rent a room in someone's home, because it is less likely that they will have done recent touch up paint. It seems like every freaking apartment I call they INSIST on doing touch up paint, even after I explain my situation to them.

But it is still difficult and frustrating, and often when I explain my sensitivities to people, I think they automatically take that as a red flag that I will be a troublesome roommate or something.

Anyway, just sorta explaining my situation, hoping that maybe someone has encountered similar issues and might be able to help me figure this out.

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Paint fumes and apartments 5 years 1 week ago #2

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You could test something like milk paint www.milkpaint.com/about_facts.html - if you can tolerate it then get people to do the 'touch ups' with that. There could be 100 other substances in the apartments you are looking at that could cause issues tho, might not be just the paint. Have you seen the safe housing listings, bottom right , on Planet Thrive? planetthrive.com
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