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TOPIC: Walls in Apt?

Walls in Apt? 4 years 10 months ago #1

Hello All. So glad to find this forum.

I became intolerant to chemicals after a series of emotional traumas (one huge one) and then 2 years later an exposure to indoor wall mold in an old apartment. During that exposure I got very sick and moved out immediately. Ever since then, I have a hard time with perfumes, new cars...your typical stuff.

For two years I was ok because I used avoidance, then recently I moved into an apartment that has carpeting. It just didn't occur to me that I would react as badly as I have been. It's noxious and I'm being sensitized again and am much more reactive when outdoors around people and car fumes etc. Walking through Home Depot yesterday made me feel dizzy.

Mgmt co at my apartment says they might replace my carpet with something else. They want to use laminate so I'm going to ask them to use a Greenguard certified one (the backing smells MUCH better.) But I don't know if the laminate itself will trigger me. Obviously there are better options that I will ask for first.

But here's my question: I want to be sure it's not the walls that are causing me to react. When I sniff them they have that sickly sweet chemical odor. This could be simply because the carpet outgassing has stuck to the walls over time -- but I want to he sure it's not (also/either or) the walls themselves. The carpet is nylon and has thick padding but that's less likely the trigger than the carpet backing. There is no glue underneath the carpet.

The walls are very dry with lots of little "bumps" (drywall perhaps?) I'm wondering if those could also be an issue, or even the insulation inside them.

This is a 13-year old modern building, very nice but probably not expensively built. The entire 700 Sq ft if this apt is carpeted except for the small galley kitchen and bath.

I would say I'm "moderately" afflicted with MCS at this time. In other words, not as sensitive as some people but definitely much more than the average normal human :)

Any insight you can provide would be helpful. Thank you.
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Walls in Apt? 4 years 10 months ago #2

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Hi Hopeful, AMF Safecoat do a range of sealants for walls and carpets which are supposed to stop VOCs ..might help - won't work on wool carpet but should work on nylon. I'm not sure how much that will stop chems from the underlay seeping out, won't totally work of course. Maybe an air cleaner would help for the time being. If it was me I'd seal the walls and replace the carpet with something safer.

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Walls in Apt? 4 years 10 months ago #3

Thanks, Jodie. Those are good suggestions.
Basically, I'm wondering if the type of walls I have can pose a problem for MCS folks.
If anyone has any answers to that is be grateful.
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