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TOPIC: Gupter/Hopper DVDs 2nd hand

Gupter/Hopper DVDs 2nd hand 2 years 4 weeks ago #1

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As the Gupta\Hopper courses are so expensive I've tried to get my local library to part-purchase a copy ( I explained I belonged to several online groups and I know many members would love to borrow a copy to try it before they committed to buying the whole course) - I offered to pay half the cost. I was told no, because: "Our DVD service is purely an income generating service so we only stock the bestsellers. We have tried providing informational DVDs in the past and they have not issued well, even when shelved with the relevant books."

So it seems if it doesn't make money they won't stock it, so much for libraries being public services! However if anyone else wants to try then go for it - it's possible your local library might be more accommodating.

Following that and a fairly disastrous New Year staying with daughter & family 300 miles away (granddaughter rushed into hospital, I get bad toothache and spend NY Eve having emergency root canal treatment), festivities somewhat put off I was surfing Ebay while everyone else in the world was partying and found the Gupta DVDs less than half price & bought them with a view to deconstructing them all and doing a write up here, but have since had too many other probs taking up my time, however just wanted to say if you want to get hold of a copy at a reasonable price ( I really think it is very overpriced as it is) then either look up Planet Thrive where a kind soul has bought some copies of the Gupta course just for folks to borrow for a while, or put an alert out for Ebay, or even Amazon, to let you know when 2nd hand copies come up.

If you're importing DVDs new from the US to the UK there's almost certainly a large import tax to pay on top of the already heavy cost - not sure if there would be for 2nd hand items tho. Mine came from Scotland so that didn't come up. Then if you don't get on with it RE-SELL, there is A LOT more demand than supply.

I'll get round to going thru it eventually, tho since I'm 75% recovered and still slowly improving (my main probs being with antibiotics & for some bizarre reason laundry detergent, perfumed or not), as long as I detox new furniture etc I'm fine, no probs with everyday encounters with chems which used to make me so ill, so don't think the Gupta or Hopper course will be appropriate for me now.

However when I have time I will deconstruct! Just wanted y'all to be aware that there are other ways of getting hold of these than paying full price.
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