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TOPIC: Furans

Furans 12 years 5 months ago #1

\"Simple sugars can be classified as aldehydes or ketones. The only stable ring systems that can be formed when carbohydrates are placed in solution are 5 or 6 membered carbon structures. Because they contain an oxygen they are named as derivatives of the Pyran or Furan ring system.\"

Yeah, that helps.

All I know is that Furans are in gasoline stabilizer and the plastic cement used for plumbing. All I know is that Furans make me deathly ill.

Does anyone know what nutritional supplement they might bind to in order to remove them without agony?<br /><br />Post edited by: The Vaccinator, at: 2008/03/02 04:38
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Re:Furans 12 years 4 months ago #2

Market to Market on PBS (for those of you who aren't farmers) had a short piece on the Produce industry exerting pressure through Congress (who controls who?) to push through irradiation of produce. The FDA has been studying this for 9 years - it's hard to imagine that they are actually working for us. The holdup was that there is evidence that irradiation of produce creates FURANS.

Furans are 5 or 6 membered rings that are known (by the FDA) to cause cancer.

It has always been hinted by healthfood activists that irradiation was bad for food with respect to changing the nutritional value or altering the proteins/DNA. This is the first time I have heard of Furans being generated. According to the show, hamburger and other products have been approved for irradiation. Also consider that anything in 'aseptic' packages (this includes soy milk and others) is packaged that way ONLY because it has been irradiated so even 'health' foods have been exposed to this process.

This is not surprising given the fact that major corporations have bought out most of the original 'healthfood' product companies and brands.

Grow your own would be the advice of the day, but hybrids have eliminated the ability to save seed from what you grow and GMO's can pollute genomes of open pollinated plants from miles away. Heirloom seeds are the only solution but even those are at risk.

Be aware. Exercise choice (dollars are votes).

Sorry that everything I write is a Downer but I just mirror the world.

I just found out that there are certain chemicals that do not provoke a Thymus Dependent response which leads to White Blood Cells responding to invaders and forming a memory for the Antigen. Conversely, these chemicals called Haptens are responded to by Antibodies and NO CELLULAR MEMORY is formed. This means that EVERY time you are exposed to the substance your body has to respond to it EVERY SINGLE time like it was the first time it has seen it.

This is why Furans (and other Haptens) are so dangerous. They can deplete your immune system of resources by attrition.

If anyone has any insights on dealing with Thymus Independent Responses to Haptens I would be grateful.
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