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TOPIC: Food for thought - Poem

Food for thought - Poem 12 years 8 months ago #1

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The following was posted by Brenda Soderberg in our old forums. I really liked this poem so wanted to re-post here in the new forums:

Have you been genetically modified
And would you know if you had?
Your cellular structure can be rearranged
And who is to say if it's good or it's bad
We may all be improved by a few extra cells
And might live forever as far as one tells

Well, with additives we are already preserved
We are cleaned out with bleach
And flavour enhances us
And if we were served up every cannibal would fancy us
Our spare parts don't rattle, so no-one can tell
And our teeth are screwed in like vampire's from hell
But as we live forever, or apparently so
Some don't make it to four with the wolf at the door
In countries where life is as bleak as before

No matter what progress the western world makes
The children still die as the profits we take
And as we throw away our left over bread
The child overseas might well soon be dead

It's a funny old world where some people make money
Just to throw it away on thrills for the day
While the lives of so many are a search for survival
While we squander our geld on some unwanted trifle

If we could establish a more even sharing
Mankind might go back to being more caring
Then we could enjoy the fruits of our labour
With everything having a much better flavour
Because we obtained it without exploitation
Of suffering people from some other nation

Brenda Soderberg -(Poet/Composer)
If you are going through hell, keep going - Winston Churchill
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