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The Gupta Programme


The Gupta ProgramAshok Gupta runs a clinic in Harley Street in London, England, where he successfully treats patients with ME/CFS, fibromyalgia and MCS. He is a well known researcher and therapist in the field of limbic hypersensitivity disorders who has dedicated the last 10 years of his life to understanding and treating the conditions after he himself developed ME/CFS and was able to fully recover using the programme he now uses with his patients.

The Gupta ProgramTM has elements in common with Annie Hopper's DNRSTM but also a number of differences meaning that one may be better suited than the other to a specific individual's needs. If considering embarking on one of the programs it is therefore wise to read through their respective websites and seek out independent testimonials in order to determine the best match for you.




According to the official website The Gupta ProgramTM incorporates:

  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Meditative techniques
  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Yogic techniques
  • and many others...


Testimonials From EiR Members

"I see there are two others who have joined this group. I just wanted to say that the Gupta Programme was the best $200 I've spent on getting myself well. I still do the techniques. I do have mild after reactions but as each month passes my health improves just that little bit more." - CanNZ

"I just never thought of my reactions in terms of a brain response . This week I have been putting a lot of energy into changing my thought patterns to chemicals and I am getting results." - Joseph F

"The past two weeks I have really committed to doing the programme and the results have been dramatic. Here are some of my results.
1) My appetite changed immediately (for the better)
2) I have been out for two short runs. (I was in a wheel chair five years ago with searing nerve pain and although I have been able to walk for some time now, the nerve pain had still not gone completely) I find I can diminish it to Zero with the programme.
3) I have had two massages on sheets that smell strongly of laundry softeners.
4) No reactions to air fresheners, even Febreze!
5) I've been in countless stores that have cleaning supply smells and perfumed employees ~ no reaction.
6) My energy is higher and when I feel a little tired I can feel reinvigorated quickly.
7) When I am reacting to someone or a situation and I can feel my energy drop and I over think things I can clear within minutes.
8) No mask!!
9) I can use my acrylic paints again!
10) Need waaaay less sleep and don't have to rest throughout the day.

Having been a life long weight trainer, long distant runner, cyclist, hiking etc.... to a wheel chair and unable to exercise I am amazed and and thrilled to be getting My Life Back!!!" - Juniper


To learn more about The Gupta Program, contact the clinic or purchase the DVD Program - Click Here