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HEPA Air Purifiers





A quality air purifier equipped with a HEPA filter can be a very important part of an allergen reduction program in your home. HEPA (High Effeciency Particulate Air) filters are generally regarded as the most effective type of filter currently available. Air purifiers utilizing HEPA filters are used widely in situations where clean air is critical such as in hospital operating rooms and laboratory clean rooms. For those with allergies and/or chemical sensitivities, a HEPA filter air purifier can bring significant relief from symptoms by capturing allergen particles such as dust and pollen as well as volatile organic chemicals (VOC's) such as those in cigarette smoke and household cleaning products.




The Environmental Illness Resource Recommended HEPA Air Purifiers




Hamilton Beach 04163 TrueAir HEPA Air Purifier with UV Germicidal Light


If you're tired of fighting allergens and dirty air, let this Hamilton Beach Ultra UV Air Purifier take over. Armed with a UV germicidal light, the same technology hospitals use, the unit kills bacteria, viruses and mold. The easy-to-replace HEPA filter and carbon pre-filter provide 99.97% filtration in a 350-sq.-ft. closed room (about 18x19'). The AirSmart system senses and displays air quality, plus it automatically adjusts to maintain clean air and indicates when to change filters. Choose from 3 settings including WhisperClean, which is perfect for bedrooms and nurseries. Easy-clean grille and a sleek space saving design.


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Hunter 30067 HEPAtech Air Purifier


99.97% effective. Reduces common household odors, including pet odors, up to 30% better than other leading brands. Clean Air Delivery Rates of 101 smoke, 120 dust, and 120 pollen. With separate carbon pre-filter, ionizer, and three speed fan. Filter change reminders. Portable, compact design is ideal for floor or bookshelf use. Whisper-Quiet Hunter Fan draws air into the unit without the noise associated with many competitive models. Permanently charged HEPAtech Electret Filter effectively captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.1 micron in size that pass through the filter. Ionizer distributes negative ions throughout the room to enhance the cleaning process while freshening the air. Effective Airflow Design exhausts clean, purified air back into the room from the top of the unit to avoid stirring up settled particles. Most air purifiers use disposable filters. Hunter units use a combination filter, which is designed to be easily replaced. The top-of-the-line Hunter models have pre-filters to catch the larger particles. This pre-filter can be washed with a hose and used again once it has had time to dry. Hunter models come with either a "check filter light" or a "filter chart" to help you understand when to change the filter. The light comes on after 1,000 hours of use, which is the average time for needing to change the filter. The chart is color-coded to give you an indication of how "dirty" the filter is. Read all instructions before using this Air Purifier.


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Hunter 30225 Quiet Flo Air Purifier


Indoor air pollution is more of a problem than ever. Fortunately, Hunter air purifiers capture a wide variety of airborne particles and irritating allergens--including smoke, pollen, dust mite detritus, mold spores and pet dander. If you suffer from allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems, a Hunter air purifier can help you breathe easier today! All Hunter air purifiers feature popular slimline styling, which allows a unit to be placed flush against a wall or in the corner. And all feature famous Hunter performance and quality at an affordable price: Features: 99.97% Effective True HEPA Filter Performance. CADR Certified Rating For Rooms Up To 18' x 18' 213/Smoke, 215/Dust, 200/Pollen. Remote Control for Ultimate Convenience. Manual Operation (or). Easy-To-Use Programmable Weekday/Weekend Controls. Separate Carbon Pre-Filter For 30% Better Odor Reduction. Digital Filter Change Reminder. Whisper-Quiet, 3-Speed Hunter Fan. 5 Year Limited Warranty. 1 Year Suggested HEPA Filter Life.



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Austin Air Allergy Machine Air Purifier

  • For allergy and asthma sufferers
  • High efficiency gas adsorption with military carbon cloth
  • Cleans 1,500 sq. ft. room --- 5 year money saving filter life.
  • Safe --- NO harmful ozone or ionization --- 5 Year Guarantee
  • 30-Day, No-Questions-Asked, Money-Back Guarantee --- FREE Shipping --- Continental USA

The Allergy Machine home air purifiers combine the gas trapping ability of military carbon cloth (Great for MCS sufferers) and HEPA's particle filtration. Austin Air engineers have created HEGA filtration - High Efficiency Gas Adsorption. Ideal for sufferers of allergies, asthma and hay fever. All of the filtration power is focused on removing allergens, bacteria, dust particles, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and mold spores.


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IQAir MultiGas GC Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Air Purifiers

  • For people with Multiple Chemical sensitivities
  • Quietly cleans up to 1,200 sq. ft. room. No harmful ozone.
  • Remote control, integrated timer and filter life monitor.
  • Uses same Hyper HEPA technology used in clean rooms and hospitals.
  • Warranty: 5 year manufacturer's warranty.

The air purifier for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. The IQair GC MultiGas Is The World's Most Advanced Gas, Odor and Smoke Air Cleaner Available Today! The IQAir GC Series was specially developed for the removal of gaseous chemicals. Depending on the specific sensitivities of the MCS sufferer, the systems are available in four configurations, each targeting specific gaseous compound groups. In most MCS cases, the IQAir MultiGas GC unit is the best choice, because its wide spectrum gas phase filter is able to capture a wide array of gaseous chemicals. Other features of IQAir GC Series systems important to MCS sufferers are: - Contains no gaskets or sealants which leak chemicals - The housing is made of fully cured, non-off-gasing premium ABS plastic - The IQAir fan motor is located before the gas phase filter and before the particle post filter. The fan motor is varnish free. - The gas filter is followed by a high-efficiency particulate post-filter that holds back any particles from the gas phase filter. - The gas filter cartridges can be changed independently of the other filters in the air cleaner. This avoids cross contamination and allows for independent replacement. - The gas phase filter is protected by a high-efficiency pre-filter against premature particle contamination.



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