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Medical Test Kits



Our medical test kits offer a cost effective way to investigate your health concerns from the comfort of your own home. We of course suggest that anyone with health problems should discuss them with their doctor but the results of these simple home tests may help you decide what kind(s) of health professional you need to consult. The test kits come with a report from qualified staff at the labs interpreting the results and many offer a consultation service. Unless otherwise stated all our test kits require a sample that you can take yourself such as saliva or urine. You then simply put the sample in a prepaid envelope and post it to the lab and await your results. We have selected those tests which may be of most benefit to environmental and invisible illness sufferers and which are commonly used by integrative physicians.




Mineral Check

MineralCheck by BodyBalance assesses your body's levels of the following 11 minerals and 9 toxic elements:

MINERALS: Calcium, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Iodine, Magnesium, Manganese, Selenium, Strontium, Sulfur, Zinc

TOXIC ELEMENTS: Aluminum, Antimony, Arsenic, Bismuth, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Tin


N.B. Due to current New York State regulations Body Balance is unable to process samples collected in New York.

Environmental Illness Resource: Mineral deficiencies and high levels of toxic metals have long been associated with environmental illnesses so this simple test provides information that could be very useful in choosing treatment options.




Stress Check


Stress, both physical and emotional, also helps your body stay active and alert, more prepared for obstacles it may face. Two hormones, DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) and cortisol, are your body's main forces for coping with stress. The balance of these hormones can affect how you handle the overwhelming feeling that stress can bring.

N.B. Due to current New York State regulations Body Balance is unable to process samples collected in New York.


Environmental Illness Resource: It is now without doubt that levels of adrenal hormones are abnormal in environmental Illness sufferers with large amounts of research in CFS and fibromyalgia patients showing this. With this simple saliva test you can discover if you have a problem in this area and initiate treatment to correct it accordingly.





Adrenal Function Test (Full Day Cortisol + DHEA)

  • Measures full day cortisol levels (4 samples) and DHEA-S
  • Accurate, quick, and easy saliva home hormone test
  • Results sent directly to you with a detailed explanation within 7-10 working days of receipt
  • Results can be used to recommend appropriate natural "bio-identical" prescription or supplement therapy
  • Pharmacist available for paid patient consultation

Saliva test recommended for patients with excess stress, morning and evening fatigue, difficulty sleeping etc.; indicator of adrenal dysfunction (adrenal fatigue). This test measures a full cortisol panel (4 levels 8am. Noon, 4pm, and bedtime) and DHEA-S.


Environmental Illness Resource: More expensive than the Stress Check but provides measurements of cortisol throughout the day rather than a single spot check. This is important as it provides information about your circadian rhythm, or "body clock", which can be shifted in states of chronic stress.




Sleep Check


SleepCheck by BodyBalance measures the level of melatonin in your system. Although it plays a role in many other areas of your body, such as cardiovascular function, female reproductive hormones, and as an antioxidant, melatonin's primary contribution is to your body's ability for quality sleep and the regulation of your circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm is the 24-hour cycle of sleeping and waking our body experiences based on the patterns of light and dark. Normal melatonin levels are highest during the night, when you're sleeping, because there is less light. Exposure to light decreases melatonin secretion, explaining why you are not as sleepy during the day as you are at night. Without proper melatonin secretion, your circadian rhythm is off-balance, affecting your night's sleep.


N.B. Due to current New York State regulations Body Balance is unable to process samples collected in New York.


Environmental Illness Resource: Sleep disturbance is one of the most common problems in environmental illnesses and many doctors treating them stress its importance for the healing process. This test can be useful in determining your melatonin levels and if supplementation may help you.




5-Hormone Test Hit


Measures Estrogen (Estradiol, Estrone, and Estriol), Testosterone, Progesterone, DHEA, Cortisol and Androstendione hormone levels. This test kit gives you the chance to choose 5 of the 8 hormones listed for testing. Helps to prevent diseases related to hormonic imbalance. You can add additional tests after receiving the results from NeuroScience Labs.


Environmental Illness Resource: This kit tests for the adrenal hormones DHEA and cortisol, like the Stress Check, but also tests for both male and female sex hormones. Sex hormones can also be disturbed in environmental illness sufferers and a number of doctors have found correcting low levels beneficial in their patients. Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum includes replacement therapies as part of his protocol for CFS and fibromyalgia patients which has been proven effective by clinical trials.





Biosafe Thyroid Test (TSH Only)

  • Tests TSH levels from a simple nick of the finger
  • Convenient blood collection and transport system
  • Simply fill out form, collect blood sample, and mail
  • Easy-to-read laboratory report provides test results

Environmental Illness Resource: The TSH test is the test most frequently used and relied upon when doctors suspect thyroid disease. This cheap, easy test will help to diagnose overt thyroid disease.





Full Panel Thyroid Blood Spot Test (TSH, T4, T3, TPO Antibodies)


More than 10 million Americans have been diagnosed with thyroid disease, and another 13 million people are estimated to have undiagnosed thyroid problems in the U.S. alone. Women are at greatest risk, developing thyroid problems seven times more often than men. Thyroid hormones are transported in the blood "bound" to Thyroid Binding Globulin (TBG), which temporarily holds them inactive. This protein may be manipulated by many illnesses and medications. Therefore, measurement of the "unbound," free levels of T3 and T4 thyroid hormones provides a more accurate interpretation. When TSH, free T3 and T4 are found to be within normal range, a functional thyroid deficiency may be suspected. This can be clarified by testing TPO antibodies (Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody) as part of ZRT's bloodspot thyroid panel.


N.B. New York State health law prohibits the testing of certain specimens collected in or mailed from New York, and prohibits the transmission of data from our laboratory to NY physicians or residents. Therefore, receipt of lab results for NY residents is not possible.

The Environmental Illness Resource: This test offers a much more comprehensive assessment of thyroid function than testing for TSH alone. The addition of testing for TPO antibodies is very useful in diagnosing thyroid dysfunction when hormone levels appear normal, especially when we consider that environmental illnesses have a major allergic and potentially autoimmune component.




Timex Healthcare Acrobat 5-Second Oral Thermometer

The new Timex Acrobat bends for comfortable and accurate use as an Oral, Rectal or Underarm thermometer. Straighten Timex Acrobat for taking Rectal or Underarm temperatures. Soft tip holds any shape until you need to change it! Suggested oral use: Bend the soft tip to comfortably fit in the mouth and accurately find the hot spot! Test results range from 5 to 14 seconds. Results may vary based on the individual and method used. The Timex Acrobat has these additional features: Mercury free. Extra large digital readout with Indiglo night light. English instructions. Contains: 1 digital thermometer, 1 storage case, 5 disposable probe covers. 1 battery (type 357).

The Environmental Illness Resource: A number of doctors specializing in environmental illnesses believe that patients may have low thyroid function even when all lab tests appear normal or borderline. This could be due to a number of reasons such as poor conversion of T4 to T3 (the most active thyroid hormone) within cells due to nutritional deficiencies or toxicity for example. It is suggested that a basal body temperature consistently under 97.8F indicates poor thyroid function. For this reason an accurate thermometer may help you uncover an undiagnosed thyroid problem. We recommend the Timex Healthcare Acrobat for this purpose.




foodSCAN IgG ELISA At-Home Food Intolerance Test Kit (York Laboratories)


The foodSCAN IgG ELISA At-Home Food Intolerance Test Kit allows you to be screened against 113 foods (including gluten) for food intolerance (delayed food allergy) in the privacy and comfort of your own home. This clinically validated laboratory analysis will accurately identify which foods are the culprits behind your ill-health. Once your specimen has been collected, by use of our simple "pin-prick" method (no blood draw is required), it is mailed to our laboratory for analysis (we provide the pre-addressed, pre-paid, plastic international bio-shipping return mailer). When your food intolerance screening is completed, you will be sent a detailed report showing which foods you were screened against and which ones tested as being positive (offending) and which ones were negative (safe). In addition to your printed test results, you will receive the 48-page Food Intolerance Guidebook. This Guidebook is full of valuable information including: * 2-page multi-colored test result + an additional 2-page B& W colored copy. (The colored copy for yourself and the B& W copy can be shared with your doctor, dietician, nutritionist, etc.) * A letter of interpretation from our office. * Easy-to-follow information on implementing your test results. * Recipes. * Food lists. * Food family cross-reference guide. * Nutrition chart. * Progress checklist. * Dietary recommendations. * A listing of various companies that provide products and literature, which you will find useful while on your elimination diet. * A detailed receipt with your test results which will reflect the appropriate CPT code and insurance information so you may submit it to your insurance carrier for possible reimbursement. Additionally, you will automatically receive 12 months of unlimited and complimentary support, which will assist and support you with the recommendations provided by your foodSCAN test results and in the Food Intolerance Guidebook.


The Environmental Illness Resource: Delayed food allergies caused by production of IgG antibodies have been implicated in all environmental illnesses to some degree. Identification of these and appropriate dietary changes may bring a pronounced improvement in symptoms and help to improve the health of the intestines (leaky gut syndrome, gut dysbiosis) and thus your overall health. York laboratories are a highly respected leader in the field of food sensitivity testing and their ELISA technique has been proven effective in identifying problem foods.




My Allergy Test


MyAllergyTest is the first ever home allergy test. Determine the cause of your allergies with this safe, accurate, and easy-to-use test. Tests for 10 of the most common airborne and food allergens.


Allergens Tested:
Pollens - Timothy Grass, Bermuda Grass, Mountain Cedar (Juniper), Short Ragweed. Mold - Alternaria.
Foods - Milk, Egg White, Wheat.
Other - Cat, House Dust Mite


Getting Your Results:

After sending your blood sample in for testing using the enclosed self addressed mailer, you will receive an email directing you to MyAllergyTest's website ( to view, download, and print your test results. You must always provide the unique Patient Identification Number included in your test kit, to obtain your results. Results are available online 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and may be mailed to the address on the Registration Card.



The Environmental Illness Resource: This test is a great way to test yourself for allergies to common airborne, food, and household allergens. Quick and easy to complete in the comfort of your own home, the information this test provides could help you reduce your allergy symptoms and avoid expensive trips to the doctors office.




Comprehensive Wellness Profile


The Comprehensive Wellness Profile is a detailed overall health check in one quick and easy test. The profile includes the following:

  • Full Blood Count
  • Liver Profile
  • Kidney Panel
  • Thyroid Panel
  • Cardiovascular Function
  • Bone & Minerals
  • Fluids & Electrolytes
  • Diabetes





Personal pH Test Kit - All Liquids (Wolfe Clinic)


Did you know that most degenerative disease attributed to aging, such as cancer, osteoporosis and heart disease, and other diseases such as allergy, kidney stones and gallstones have all been scientifically linked to mineral deficiencies that result in your body fluids becoming more acidic? Scientists report that over 150 or more degenerative diseases are caused by high acid levels!! Parasites, viruses, bad bacteria, and disease cannot live in an alkaline body. Body fluids range between 4.5 and 7.5 pH (blood must maintain 7.35 to 7.45 pH). A 1-point drop on the pH scale is 10 times more acidic - from 7 to 6 is 10 times, from 7 to 5 is 100 times, from 7 to 2 is 100,000 times more acidic. For more information visit our website at


The Environmental Illness Resource: Acidosis is a common finding amongst environmental illness sufferers. This could be the result of alkaline mineral deficiencies or increased organic acid production from abnormal cellular energy production or from excessive gut microbes in gut dysbiosis conditions amongst other things. This test kit from the Wolfe Clinic allows you to test both urine and saliva to get an accurate picture of the acid/alkaline balance of your body. The kit contains a 15ft roll of pH testing paper that will last for hundreds of tests as well as a pH chart to allow you to interpret your results.




FreeStyle Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit (Value Pack)

  • Test on your forearm, upper arm, hand, thigh, calf or fingertip
  • Contains easy to use 100 test strips and meter
  • Fast, accurate and precise results in an average of 15 seconds
  • 250-test memory with date and time: will change the way you feel about testing glucose

The Environmental Illness Resource: Dysfunction of the endocrine system is widespread in environmental illnesses and blood sugar control can often be affected. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is commonly a problem for environmental illness sufferers and integrative physicians and alternative medicine professionals often include measures to correct hypoglycemia as part of an overall treatment plan. This blood glucose monitor allows you to accurately monitor your blood sugar levels so you may determine if hypoglycemia is causing symptoms. It can then be used to monitor effectiveness of any treatment undertaken.


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