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The Vegepa for ME Scheme





Thanks to an almost ceaseless campaign by Lynne Kersh in organising this Scheme, we can now buy Vegepa at only £8.50 per pot (RRP price £11.95) and what's more, p&p is free to mainland UK (£3 to EU, £5 to the rest of world).




This price includes a donation of 50p per pot to the UK Charity ME Research UK who fund biomedical research into ME.


So not only will we be directly funding crucial high-quality Biomedical Research into the causes, consequences and treatment of ME but, at the same time, we'll be personally benefiting by getting the clinical-grade, patented Omega supplement Vegepa and all its sister products, straight from the manufacturer Igennus at hugely reduced prices!


WHAT IS Vegepa?


Lynne, founder of The Vegepa for ME Scheme explains:- “Vegepa is the patented, unique, clinical-grade omega supplement which was recently the basis of highly successful trials at London's Hammersmith Hospital under pioneering, world renowned Prof. Basant Puri who formulated the supplement.


Vegepa is the subject of his acclaimed book A Natural Way to Treat ME (order online for a discounted copy).


Vegepa is unique in that its EPA is derived from ultra-purified fish oil by using a molecular distillation process which removes all unwanted impurities, including DHA, as replicated studies have demonstrated that DHA in supplement form inhibits the beneficial effects of EPA. VegEPA’s EPO is derived from the cold-pressing of evening primrose seeds and is therefore unprocessed and unrefined”


Come join The Scheme!


The VegEPA for ME Scheme has grown so large (it now has well in excess of 650 members), and so fast, that the next logical step was to have its own website at


So now you’ll be able to:-
• securely order your VegEPA products via World Pay
• find out the latest news about your donations to biomedical research into ME – in just 7 months we’ve raised over £2,500!!
• find answers to any questions you may have about your supplements
• read the latest research and up to date media coverage
• feel like a family member of The Scheme no matter where in the world you live


Register as a NEW MEMBER for the first time only - it’s really easy and after that you’ll become an EXISTING MEMBER on the website.


The Scheme’s price reductions and shipping costs remain as low as ever and you’re still donating 50p per pot of VegEPA to biomedical research into ME.


If you’re new to the Scheme then everything is clearly explained on the website.


Please pass this good news on to your friends, support group members and whoever you think might benefit from buying VegEPA and its sister products at greatly reduced prices.


You may, of course, add our link to your own websites if you like.


Thank you for supporting The Scheme and I wish you all as stress-free a Christmas as possible and a much Healthier and Happier 2007.


The Vegepa for ME Scheme




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