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ProBoost (Thymic Protein A) Maff Hot
Written by Maff     February 28, 2011    
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ProBoost is a dietary supplement containing Thymic Protein A which has been shown to stimulate production of t-helper lymphocytes and support healthy immune system function.

Our immune system, as remarkable as it is, wears out with age just like the rest of our body. In fact, the thymus gland, which is the centerpiece of the immune system, gradually decreases in size and functionality beginning at age three. By age 50, the thymus gland is no longer capable of producing sufficient levels of a critical thymic protein needed by the immune system to jump-start an immune response.

In addition, conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), and other environmental illnesses, involve dysregulation of the immune system that can result in chronic infections and inflammation which contribute to symptoms and the disease process.

ProBoost® was developed to support the function of the thymus. Thymic Protein A, the active ingredient in ProBoost®, has the same biological activity as the natural thymic protein that is produced by the thymus gland.

Thymic Protein A, the active ingredient in Proboost, is an essential substance, necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system; specifically cell-mediated immunity which controls how viruses, bacteria, fungi/yeast, and other harmful agents are controlled and disposed of by the immune system.

Scientific studies, performed on in vitro cells, animals, and humans, have all shown significant benefits in supporting the immune system by activating the T-4 helper cells. Reported results include increased immunity, improving sleep and energy, and restoring quality of life for ill individuals.

Several human studies have further substantiated the scientific findings that Thymic Protein A ALONE, in its purified state, has tremendous immune regulation capabilities as both a stimulant and a down-regulating agent, depending on the bodys requirements.

ProBoost® is taken sublingually (under the tongue) to bypass the digestive system and deliver Thymic Protein A into the body intact and in its complete biologically active form.


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