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LifeWave SP6 Appetite Control Patch Maff Hot
Written by Maff     September 30, 2008    
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The Question Is...

How can you
Control your Appetite
Successful weight loss?

If you are overweight, it is not your fault...
Did you know that 100 years ago the average person consumed about 16 pounds of sugar in their diet each year? During the 1980’s the average person in the United States consumed about 75 pounds of sugar in their diet each year. More incredible than that, today sugar consumption is at an all time high with the average American gulping down over 150 pounds of sugar each year!


Not surprisingly the incidence of obesity and diabetes has paralleled these increases in sugar consumption. The message is very clear: eating excessive amounts of sugar in our diet makes us sick and fat! When we consume sugar it “turns off” our ability to burn fat and “turns on” fat storage. So when we eat those foods that we know we should not our body goes into “fat storing” mode. The endless cycle of not being able to lose weight continues. To make matters worse, most people crave sugar and do not seem to be able to stay away from it.


In addition, when you consume more calories than your body requires, the leftovers are stored as fat. And though you’ve probably tried dieting to reduce the calories you take in, chances are your success was hampered by an appetite that wouldn’t go along with the program. Stomach rumblings and sugar cravings can beat down even the strongest of wills, and put a quick end to “fool-proof” diets. The question is, how can you control your appetite and reduce your sugar intake for successful weight loss?


The SP6 Appetite Control Patch

The self-adhesive SP6 Appetite Control patch utilizes the ancient principles of acupressure to gently stimulate points on the body that have been used to balance and control appetite for thousands of years. The result is a natural decrease in hunger and sugar cravings – without any drugs, stimulants or needles entering the body!


A chart included in the SP6 instruction booklet provides specific instructions for patch placement. You’ll notice that two of the suggested points are Spleen 6 and Stomach 36, both well known acupressure points that help control the appetite and strengthen the digestive system. You may notice it’s working the first time you use it!


The SP6 appetite control patch is the best of what’s old and the best of what’s new for successful weight loss!


The Benefits of using the SP6 Appetite Control Patch are:

  • Helps to control and regulate your appetite
  • May help to reduce your cravings
  • No pills, drugs, stimulants or needles are involved
  • Acupressure is recognized as safe
  • Convenient and easy to use, apply in the morning, remove at night.

What does Western Science say about our appetite?


Not surprisingly, in humans our brain plays the key role in regulating our appetite and thirst. Specifically, a region of the brain called the hypothalamus is what is responsible for orchestrating a series of very complex biochemical reactions.

The hypothalamus is often referred to as the “brain of the brain”. The hypothalamus is extremely complex with even small portions being involved in numerous functions. As one example, neurons in the hypothalamus have been found to be connected to the pituitary gland, gastric reflexes, maternal behavior, blood pressure, appetite, thirst, immune responses and body temperature. We truly could not survive without this amazing part of our brain’s anatomy.


The hypothalamus helps our body to respond to:

  • Food (what and how much we eat)
  • Smell (how to respond to odors)
  • Changes in light (for helping us to fall asleep)
  • Information transmitted from the heart, stomach and reproductive tract
  • nvading organisms (by raising our body temperature)
  • and numerous biochemical reactions

A good way to look at this is that the role of the hypothalamus is to help our body maintain balance and harmony.


What is known is that when we consume excessive amounts of sugar our body must release larger and larger amounts of insulin to regulate our blood sugar (again, this is tied into the hypothalamus). It has also been found that when we experience sugar cravings there are distinct bioelectrical changes that occur in the hypothalamus.


This is all to say that from the point of view of western science (as compared with Chinese medicine) in order to regulate our appetite it would be desirable to regulate the function of the hypothalamus since it is this tiny region of our brain that is responsible for maintaining balance in nearly all of our functions.


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