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10,000 LUX Lightbox (Androv Medical) Maff Hot

Written by Maff     September 01, 2008    
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Most people find 30-60 minutes per day with the Androv Lightbox sufficient during the Winter months.


Product Highlights:


  • 10,000 LUX at 31cm or 5,000 LUX at 35cm
  • Does not produce UV-A or UV-B light
  • Includes stand for floor/desk usage or wall hangable
  • Easy to use - just one on/off button
  • 2 x PLL36 Watt tubes fitted as standard (72 Watts total output)
  • Longlife bulbs last approx 8,000 hours
  • CE Approved


Dimensions: 510mm x 380mm x 40mm (HxWxD)


All units include a 2 year warranty, and the bulbs are rated for 8,000 hours of use (but also changeable if needed).


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