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SCD Lifestyle: Guide to Starting the SCD Diet in 24 Hours and Suviving the First 90 Days

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Hi, Steve Wright and Jordan Reasoner from SCD Lifestyle here (click here to learn more about our book: http://budurl.com/f8uc). Both of us bucked conventional medicine by facing our fears and starting the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

We we're sick of feeling like crap and tired of letting our digestive tract control our lives. We used the SCD diet to take control of our health and we have never felt better... Jordan was saved from Celiac Disease and Steve from IBS.

We like to think of the SCD Diet as a Superhighway to health and BTVC as the Road Atlas needed to navigate it and reach the end.

The challenge we faced when we found the diet was locating our entrance ramp to merge onto the superhighway. It felt like we were standing still while everyone else was whizzing by at 80 mph.

So we put together our eBook, "SCD Lifestyle - Surviving to Thriving: How to Start the SCD Diet in 24 Hours and Surviving the First 90 Days and Beyond" with the goal of to help anyone from any background find their on ramp to health and be successful with this diet, no matter what.

Go to http://budurl.com/f8uc to learn more about our book and the 90-day guarantee!

Or check out our blog for more great articles at:: http://www.scdlifestyle.com

Thanks for checking out our guide and here's to good health ~ Jordan and Steve