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Hi everyone. Many of you know that I have mediumship ability and am a trained investigator with Haunted Earth.
What many of you don`t know is that I have been a `hands on healer` for many years now.
I have never discussed this ability here before and decided to video a treatment session with an old friend Karen who has suffered from stress related muscular pain in her neck and shoulder.
With new subjects I prefer to work normally from the fingertips or using my hand levitated from above the troubled area.
I adopt a more relaxed direct approach to my work, and do not prescribe to conventional methology as used by spiritualists and religious doctrine.
Healing is a gift that we can all acquire if we meditate and put our minds to it.
When I work, I feel the presence of a spiritual energy that works through me and seemingly guides me to affected areas.
Anyway, this video which was originally an hour long (I thought 20 mins - lol) has been abridged to cut out the longer periods of this process to enable you to see what I do, and what the eventual outcome is.
I have mentioned that I am prepared to help others providing they have easy access to travel to me, and are prepared for the healing session to be videoed.
I am not a `miracle worker`, I realise that healing has it`s limitations and long term injuries can benefit from relief rather than a permanent cure.
For muscular ailments I can say that they normally require one session to permanently rid the sufferer of pain.
If healing works for you, and not prescribed drugs you must always consult your GP first about coming off from them.
Never choose to do otherwise.
I am a complimentary therapist only.
I hope you enjoy and comment on this video:-)