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EIR Reviews Water Filters Shower Filters Shower Filters -

Shower Filters - JennyH Hot
Written by JennyH     September 03, 2008    
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The latest in shower filter technology - bridging luxurious style and function!

  • Remove scale
  • Soften Water
  • Remove harsh chemicals from shower water
  • Remove bacteria
  • Remove 98% of heavy metals
  • Remove 99% of chlorine
  • Stop itchy scalps
  • Promote healthy hair and skin
  • Remove Harmful Radons

Pure showers offers a range of modern luxurious in shower filters that soften water, remove scale, remove harsh chemicals and bacteria and eradicates heavy metals from your shower water. These nasties can cause itchy scalps, dry skin, eczema, dry, brittle and unhealthy hair with split ends, as well as a plethora of other conditions. Our shower water filters leave you with healthy, natural water that is good for you and your family’s hair, skin and body. A shower water filter can improve your quality of life as of today. Certified and tested Shower Filters and Shower Filter HeadsMany of us wouldn’t drink unfiltered tap water because of the impurities in it, then why would we want to shower in that same water?

  • Luxury: All our shower filters combine both form and function. Giving you a luxurious shower that looks great in your bathroom but also makes you feel great!
  • Health and Well-being: Pureshowers uses the latest technology in our shower filters. This means everyday you and your family get to enjoy the benefit from the most clean and pure showers.
  • Reasonably Priced: A pure shower should be available to everyone. Our shower filter prices are lower than that of our competitors and lower than the cost of a standard luxury chrome shower head at Bathstore. If you are thinking of buying a new shower head. Why not purchase one with the additional benefit of an in shower filter or get our shower head filter.
  • Easy to Install: All our shower filters and shower head filters can be installed within minutes by anyone. You don't need any special tools or knowledge. The shower water filters can be removed just as easy as they are installed, making it a breeze for you to take your shower filter `with you if you move home.




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