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EIR Reviews Water Filters Whole House Systems UK Water Filters - Whole House Water Filter

UK Water Filters - Whole House Water Filter Maff Hot
Written by Maff     August 26, 2008    
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If you want your water purified throughout your home - for baths, showers, laundry plus drinking from any tap - here's the best option on the market.


Most people don't realize that you absorb more water from showering/bathing than you do from drinking an average daily amount of water. For this reason a whole of house water filter system is a sensible choice for your health.


  • Pure filtered water throughout the whole house
  • Removes 99% of chlorine and 98% of harmful metals
  • Avoids common problem of bacteria build up in whole house systems by using unique 'Redox' media filters rather than carbon
  • Extremely long filter life of 2-3 years before replacement.


The combined whole house water filter and water softener controls bacteria and other micro organisms like e-coli, removes trace and heavy metals, plus chlorine and many organic contaminants.


It is also very effective at removing scale from the water whilst leaving beneficial calcium in the water.


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Prices: from £365 all incl





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